Hand-crafted premium sheet sets guaranteed to fit and stay on your mattress.  

Dream Fit Sheets. Protectors and Pillows

Guaranteed to fit. Guaranteed to stay on.

Why DreamFit?

For over 35 years, DreamFit has been trusted to provide premium bedding solutions to common sleep disruptive issues that no other brands can solve. As the human race becomes more aware of the importance of a better night’s sleep, DreamFit’s sleep necessities are best suited to satisfy every type of sleeper.

Whether you’re presenting adjustable beds or traditional mattresses in your bedding stores or galleries, we ask you to put your trust in DreamFit and allow us to help you provide your customers with the best solution – beginning on night #1!

Patented No-Slip Corner Bands

Enhanced with silicone, our patented 1.5″corner bands provide the most secure fit on your bed, allowing you to never have to worry about the corner coming off in the middle of the night.

FirstFit Corner Bands

Our FirstFit corner bands are color coded bands that easily help you identify the head and the foot of the sheet, allowing you to NEVER have to worry about putting your fitted sheet on sideways. (You’re welcome.)

DreamFit 360 Elastic

Our DreamFit 360 elastic around the bottom of the fitted sheet allows for a more tailored and secure fit.

Extra Wide Luxury Sizing

Our extra-long, extra wide luxury sizing enhances sleeping comfort allowing for a relaxed fit and plenty of length on your flat sheet to tuck in.


Guaranteed to fit and stay on any sized mattress. 

Our protectors are perfect for adjustable bases!

Protect the place you rest the most. Stay cool and dry every night with the three advanced cooling technologies. Our StaDryTM and StaKoolTM methods manage moisture, release body heat, and keep your mattress a healthy sleeping place with naturally cooling minerals blended into the fibers.


Customize Your Pillow with up to 4 Inserts.

Remove or reposition inserts to adjust your pillow comfort and pillow height. It's time to really LOVE your pillow..


Technology In Your Pillow That Actually Works

Find ultimate comfort with our inserts along with the extreme cooling abilities of our StaKoolTM and StaDryTM technology.


Temperature Regulating For Every Season

Our pillows are temperature regulating and moisture wicking  to keep you cool and dry all night long.


Premium Inserts Manufactured in the US

Our pillows are created with American craftsmanship inside our scattered plants around the US.