Sleep Fuels Everything

BEDGEAR pioneered the launch of PERFORMANCE® bedding in 2009. Performance products are engineered to provide you with your personalized fit of sleep products, while enhancing air flow, wicking away moisture and dissipating heat to keep you cool and dry while you sleep – so you can achieve more, in pursuit of everything you love to do, each day!


M3 Mattress

No More Comfort Compromise

Taking performance and innovation to a new level, the M3 Launchpad is the world's only modular mattress, featuring dual side personalization, to achieve your individual comfort - both today and every day for the future, with the ability to maintain and even improve as your life changes.


Ver-Tex® Mattress Protector

With heat-dispersing, cool-to-the-touch fabric.

Built for hot sleepers or hot climates, our coolest protector guards against spills, dander, mites and more, while keeping you comfortable with a top layer of our patented heat-deflecting fabric.

Dri-Tec® Mattress Protector

With breathable fabric that wicks moisture.

Built for year-round temperature regulation, this breathable protector guards against spills, dander, mites and more, while also wicking away surface moisture to keep you cool and dry.

iProtect Mattress Protector

A basic protector that works hard, without the bells and whistles.

This straightforward protector, built with our standard moisture-wicking fabric, is designed to keep your bed breathable while protecting against spills, dander, mites, and more.


Storm Series Pillow

Not tonight, night sweats. With a soft-feel foam that conforms to you, and heat-deflecting and air flow technologies to keep you cool, this is the pillow for toss-free, sweat-free, no-hot-cheek sleep.

Storm 0.0

Storm 1.0

Storm 2.0

Storm 3.0

Balance Series Pillow

With a firmer foam to give you that just-right lift, and moisture-wicking and air flow technologies to balance temperature, you'll stay deep asleep until it's time to dominate.

Balance 0.0

Balance 1.0

Balance 2.0

Balance 3.0


Hyper-Cotton™ Sheet Set

Classic cotton gets a high-tech twist in these lightweight, durable sheets. With the soft feel of cotton, plus the addition of fabric technology that helps air circulate, this set feels familiar while doing more temperature regulating than traditional covers can.

Available in most sizes.




Basic Sheet Set

Exceptional sheets can come in a simple package. Hypoallergenic and woven for all seasons, our basic set provide all-night comfort and a secure grip on mattresses of all sizes.

Available in most sizes.




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